unfamiliar with antique gold coins, you need a rudimentary education and some familiarity before you buy gold coins so you don’t end up paying too much.

If you live in a large metropolitan area you should go around to gold coin dealers, asking each one the same questions and examine the same coins getting their opinion on each set of gold coins as an investment.

Living in more rural or smaller cities you may need to investigate antique gold coins on the internet. There is so much disinformation on the web, be sure you research several sources and look for collaborating facts elsewhere on the web. Don’t forget to check out your local coin clubs. Some of the best experts may be living right next door. If your hobby is gold coins you probably know at least as much as any dealer and can be a great referencing in deciding on the right gold coins at the right price.


The web is good for comparison shopping. You can compare the same coin at different dealers and at auction sites. There may be auctions held in your city you should go to. Don’t buy unless you know what you’re doing. But the auction companies and even other bidders can help in your education in gold coins.

When you’re finally confident to buy some gold coins, choose a dealer that has been in business for awhile and they are not only easy to contact, but are helpful in answering your questions and not always trying to push and sell what they want you to buy instead of allowing you to buy what you want to buy.

Finding a reputable dealer in your home town will save shipping and insurance costs. Plus you can pick up your coins and go straight to your bank’s safe deposit box.

Gold is gold right? Not when it comes to coins. There are several varieties of gold coins and gold antique coins that are available. Some of the questions you may need to answer for yourself is, foreign or domestic. What size or denomination of coin are you looking for. What size or gold weight. There are several sizes of many foreign and domestic coins.

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