A home construction loan is a loan where the lender has to know the story behind the construction of the house before sanctioning the loan. In other words,Guest Posting the home construction loan can be called a story loan, which is to be understood before a decision is made.




A home construction loan is one of the loans that require interest-only payments during construction. Principal payment is done only upon completion. A house is considered complete when it receives its certificate of occupancy. The interest rates in this loan are usually variable. The contractor and the lender establish a schedule based on the stages of the construction of the house, and interest is charged likewise. Another point to be considered in home construction loans is how much of the project cost the lender is willing to lend. The land that you own for the construction of the home can be considered as equity on the construction loan. With a home construction loan, you have the option of opting for the construction-to-permanent financing program wherein the loan is converted into a mortgage loan once the certificate of occupancy is issued. In this way, there is no need to m

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