You can always try to teach yourself to learn to play electric guitar, which I’ll talk about in a minute. But I find that nothing can replace actual lessons when you’re learning an instrument. There’s also no fast, or quick way to learn an instrument, and that includes electric guitar.

So, to learn to play electric guitar there are a couple of options:

-Free resources online:

When it comes to free lessons, sadly you usually end up getting what you paid for. Some websites like have really great articles on things like tabs or where to find a guitar at a good price. There’s also YouTube where you can find videos from beginners to advanced that can teach you just about anything. The concern I have with these videos is they sometimes can be misguided in their instruction (especially when teaching a beginner) and the student practices the wrong techniques which can be difficult to unlearn.

-Books, DVD’s, CD’s or basically teaching yourself:

Books are nice because they can sometimes be a little more in depth as far as guitar theory as well as to get a basic idea of how guitars work. They can also be very nice on the technique of holding the guitar, but you can see the motions of how to play chords correctly or how they should sound. As far as DVD’s and CD’s they are nice for being able to watch an instructor and listen but the downfall is that the lessons will only take you so far and usually only so many lessons are provided leaving you to buy over and over again.

-Private Instruction

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