There is one constant in the World of Warcraft. The need for gold! In some cases the need for lots of gold! In order to get one of the most prized possessions currently in the game, the epic flying mount, you have to amass 5000g! So where does that leave the player? They have to come up with a way to save the largest amount of gold they probably have had in the game.

There are several courses a player can take to get gold in WoW. The first thing that may pop into some player’s minds is to buy gold with real money from a gold seller. While this may offer instant gratification there are drawbacks to it. Firstly, it can get you banned from the game, and all your hard work will be thrown away. Secondly, buying the gold will rob you of the satisfaction of having accomplished a major milestone in the game on your own. Thirdly, there is an old saying, “Give a man a fish and feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime.” The same applies here, if you buy the gold, once you spend it you’re broke again with no idea on how to make the gold again.

So how can a player come up with the gold they need? The first option is to farm it. This can take the form of several methods. A player can run daily quests, and over the course of weeks save the desired amount of gold that they need. This may take a little while, but it is guaranteed to work.

Another option is to use your professions to make gold. These can take the form of farming raw materials, such as ore with mining, or herbs with herbalism. Another possible way is to use your profession to create items that payers will want, for example if you are a tailor you can make bags. Also as a leatherworker you can also make bags and armor kits. The drawback to this is that it can take a longer period of time and is greatly dependent on market conditions in game.

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